Social Signal Jammer

Fool your friends by jamming random sound or vibration signals from your device


Signal Jammer

Combine multiple signals, for instance vibration patterns, notifications or ring tones into a single jammer task and run it in order to demonstrate our massive addiction to smartphones. The aspiration is to force other users to check their smartphones, even if the signal comes from your phone.


Social Signal Jammer is available in Android Play-Store™ for free and is compatible to Android devices with version 2.3.3 or higher. Available languages: English and German.

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Add Signals

The signals of your smartphone turn monotonous after a while. Boost your app content by adding signals from internal storage of your device. Furthermore you can create your own vibration patterns. Hint: Default signals from established manufacturers enhance the rate of success!

Honourable Intention

This app might be pegged into the category of "annoying-apps". Anyway the first intention to create this app was laudable: Demonstrate and question our massive addiction to smartphones playfully. This can give great pleasure, but also should animate to reflect.


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Purpose of this app

The purpose of this app is to disturb other smartphone users by playing random sounds. However the key idea is not to drive anyone else crazy, but to reveal our high daily usage of smartphones.

This app may produce spite as a side product, once a user successfully managed it to fool other smartphone users with fake sounds.

1. Create Signal Jammer

You can either click on PLUS-Symbol or on "New Jammer" in the menu to create a new Jammer. In the following views you can choose different signals and a countdown, which will be responsible for the interval, in which the selected signals will be played.

2. Start Signal Jammer

Once a jammer is created successfully, you can start it in the Overview by clicking the PLAY-Symbol. The signal jammer(s) will be executed independently from the App, so once a Jammer is running, you can close the App without stopping them.

3. Adding Signals

All default ringtones and notification sounds from the device are serving as signals. If you want to extend these signals, simply CLICK on the PLUS-Symbol in the corresponding view (located in the menu). You can also add new vibration patterns and custom countdowns.

4. Correct behaviour while executing

Important: Once a signal jammer is running, place your device near other smartphone users and turn off the display. This enhances the chance that nobody can identify the source of all signals.

Please act natural. Good luck!


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